Your birthday present

Your birthday present

Written by Josie Ramoan

Your birthday present.

It’s January 2nd. We’ve made it through the holidays and are making our way through January. So this blog is Your birthday present. from me to you. A little bit of the erotic exploits of a Toronto Escort, the one and only Josie Ramoan, to celebrate her birthday.

The October sky was just starting to change colours. It had been a grey fall day and the sun decided to make an appearance in the minutes before it slid down below the horizon. Those early nights were coming but she didn’t mind. Long nights mean long hours together in the darkened seclusion of her incall space. Enhanced by the candles and incense she liked to burn when entertaining her clients.

An intimate escape

They had been planning this long weekend escape for about a month. It was a birthday getaway for her favourite gentleman. They were heading out of the city to a B n’ B on a ranch for a couple nights. She had seen pictures, exposed heavy rafters, dark wood, thick inviting furs, an antique hearth lit to fill the room with warm light. It looked like the perfect space to spoil and be spoiled.

She was sitting in the lobby sipping her oat milk latte. She wanted to stay focused for the drive. Long car rides, especially through the dimly lit highways far from the light pollution of the city. It always made her feel so relaxed, and when the driver was handsome and generous benefactor, a little bit naughty.

They had been texting for days. She had asked him what fantasy hehad that would make a perfect birthday present, and he had 1 special request. She was almost always happy to facilitate a fantasy but wanted to surprise him. “Oh that’s very naughty.” She responded. She had been considering the best way to bring this naughty fantasy to life when he texted to let her know he was outside.

“Hello beautiful” he said as he took her weekender bag from her hands. “Hello handsome” she replied and gave him a kiss. “happy birthday!”

A dark and secluded highway

They had been on the road for a couple hours. The car was warm spacious, the scent of the soft leather upholstery mingled with his cologne, a scent that always turned her on. The world outside the windows was almost completely black, aside from that narrow path illuminated by the cars headlights. He had been holding her hand when she decided it was time for his present.

She slid her hand up his arm, then down his torso, stopping at his hip. He sucked in his breath as she moved her hand over his thigh and between his legs. Do you want your birthday present?” she said. She started stroking his inner thigh, over his pants until she could feel how aroused he was. With a quick glance around to confirm that this was the right spot to give him his birthday present, she moved her hand up his pants to his belt. She unbuckled the belt and the button of his pants, slid down the zipper and slid her hand into his pants.

His hands tightened on the steering wheel and she could feel his heavy breaths. He was so hard! She pulled his briefs out of the way and released his rock hard cock. Stroking it for a bit longer as his breath sped up and he was desperately trying to keep his eye on the road.

A special birthday gift

Finally, she unbuckled her seatbelt and and shifter in her seat so her face was hovering over his exposed tumescence. “Are you ready?” she said coyly. She loved to tease him, and the feeling of having him so vulnerable was always a turn on for her. He had nowhere to go. And no choice but to keep himself focused on the road.

Finally, she took him in her mouth. One hand supporting her on the centre console, the other playing with his shaft and balls, she worked him up and down, moving slowly but with purpose. She had years of experience as a Toronto Escort and knew just how to make a man squirm. And after the years she had spent exploring his body, she knew exactly how to get what she wanted from him.

And she did. The tension of being so exposed, even with the darkness all around, he still felt very visible and he loved it. The danger. The warm wet deliciousness of her mouth. It didn’t take very long. She recognised the signs. She knew them well. And at the very last minute, she took his cock in her hand and worked from tip to balls, teasing out every last drop.

The long road ahead

She tidied him up a little bit but left him exposed and sticky. They were about an hour away from their destination and she had an evil streak. Even on his birthday, she liked to be just a little mean.

“Your birthday present” she said. “Did you enjoy it?” she teased. He mumbled something that was barely even words, but obviously very grateful.

“Good. I’m not done. But your rest of your birthday present will have to wait until we get to our room”


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