My New Years Manifestations

My New Years Manifestations

Written by Josie Ramoan

2024 is just 3 days away and thank goodness for that. Here are My New Years Manifestations for 2024.

What are your plans for this brand new year? Do you make resolutions?

I usually don’t bother with resolutions. That kind of change never sticks and in a few weeks or a few months you feel bad for not living up to some kind of arbitrary rule you’ve set for yourself.

My preference is to focus on manifesting positivity and re-affirming goals already in progress.

My New Years Manifestations.

New lovers with which to explore the endless possibilities of pleasure. New experiences to add to all the lovely, sexy, naughty memories accumulated over more than a decade as a service provider in this magical city of Toronto and around the world. Speaking of the world, more travel!! Fly me to you’s (FMTY) getaways with wonderful gentlemen for a few days of enjoying new places and erotic indulgences. More duos! Trios! Quartets! Couples! More women suitors.

Manifesting the return of my Dark Side

While I’m revelling in the joys of vanilla fun, I’m also focusing on diving back into my Dominant side more. I’ve been exploring the darker side of sexuality for longer than I’ve been an escort and over the years my inner Daddy/Queen has taken a backseat to the vanilla side of me. I want to navigate the edge of your secret fantasies. I want to role play and watch you struggle. To hear what it sounds like when you’re deep in a moment of exquisite suffering. I crave the nurturing but strict dynamic of being your stunning feminine Daddy, or the impossible to please sadistic Queen. I want more CBT, more bondage, more breath play, more floggings, more humiliation, more teasing and denial, more, more more!

I want it all…

Also, I want more intimacy, more sensuality, more connection, more delicious meals with fabulous conversation, more secret rendezvous at my lovely little hideaway or your hotel room, more social dates marvelling in the many wonderful places and spaces my city has to offer.

2024 marks 11 years since I dedicated my passions to providing companionship full time. I’ve been lucky enough to have so many great experiences and encounters. We have all hard a tough time over the last few years and it’s time we left those days behind us. I’m manifesting indulgence, hedonism, adventure, connection, and pleasure for 2024. If you’re looking to have a little more joy in your life you should send me a message.

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Have a very happy New Year.

And don’t forget! My birthday is January 7th. The best present you could give me is to help me manifest my best year yet.