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BDSM sessions:

I have been helping my admirers explore the dark side for many years and I am an experienced and skilled Dominant Woman. I love the balancing act of pleasure and pain, and I truly get off on seeing you at your most vulnerable. I describe my Dominant Self as a sensual Femme-Supremacist and occasional Daddy.

You can call Me Madame Josie until we get to know each other.

I am a versatile Top and I love to explore the boundaries of my toys and subbies. I am a strict but nurturing kind of Domme and tend to build dynamics based on the the Femme Supremacist archetype or the Daddy archetype. I get the most satisfaction from building unique dynamics based on our chemistry.

If you want to explore some of my favourite activities, or inquire about something not listed below, fill out my booking form

My favourite activities:


Foot & Body Worship

tease & denial




wax play

role play (Daddy, Dr./patient, mean Teacher, Boss, Dirty Aunt),


acts of service

Social dates and outings:

We don’t have to hide away. I love an outing and am an enthusiastic Director of a little adventure or a relaxed excursion. These are just a few suggestions for a social date, if you have something specific in mind we can arrange it! An afternoon out and about is fun, but you can’t go wrong with a cozy seat in 1 of Toronto’s amazing indie cafes. The fastest way to my heart is a perfectly steamed Oat Milk Latte. The AGO or ROM, a trip to Oasis or Hanlan’s Point, local galleries, a shopping trip to some of my favourite stores, a day trip up north for some nature and hiking (extra points if there’s a trail ride involved), couples massage/spa day, rock climbing, a concert or show, and more. Social dates/outings aren’t limited and can always include some private time as well.

Exploring our kinky dynamic outside of the dungeon can be thrilling. But as with our play, respecting boundaries and consent is key. If you would like to explore our dynamic outside of our regular play space, we will do so with discretion and care for those around us. A little covert operations and code words can be lots of fun!