Considering taking the plunge? How to book.

A little refresher for those who have been considering taking the plunge. How to make a booking

Written by Josie Ramoan

So. You’ve been lurking. You’ve been scrolling and liking. Quietly admiring and fantasising about our time together. And now. You’re finally ready to take the plunge.

So what do you do?

Considering taking the plunge? How to book.

The first step is to do your research. You’ve probably already read my website and scrolled through my Twitter feed. But if you haven’t go now. Do it!

Now that you’ve familiarised yourself with who I am, and not just my delicious “assets”, it’s time to wander on over to my booking page. I have made this as quick and easy as possible. All you have to do is read the info provided and fill out the form. Make sure to fill out each of the spaces provided. And that’s it. You’ve broken the ice. Taken the plunge. I assure you the water is nice and warm.

The Form

This process is painless and efficient. It allows both of us to get all the info we need in 1 quick and easy step and is the best way to make first contact with me. All the required info is noted so send it all the first time. There is no reason to keep emailing back and forth when you can get it all out of the way the with the first message. This is 1 of my biggest turn-ons. Give it all to me right away! So hot!

Screening info is sadly required, no exceptions. As you will read on the booking page, I require either a LinkedIn profile *link*, Facebook profile *link*, or you can take a picture of your government ID. Feel free to obscure your address and other info. All I need to see is your face and your first & last name. That’s it! You’re so close to the good part.

Tell me about yourself

At the bottom of the booking form is a space for some more personal info. Feel free to tell me a little bit about yourself. Whatever you think is important. I’d love to know a little more about who I’ll be spending some sexy time with.

Please, don’t send me overly descriptive novels about your wildest fantasies. If you want erotica come back to this blog and see if I’ve added any new stories. Or make your own sexy blog? But my inbox is not the place for all the dirty details, especially if we’ve never spoken.

Do let me know if you have any specific desires you would like to discuss further. “I have been thinking about what we could do together and I would like to chat more about them” is a great way to let me know you have thoughts about things…

But respect that 1, spending time with an escort is still not totally legal even in Canada so your wild fantasies could be bad for both you and me. And 2, my time is valuable. You know that because you want to enjoy some of it. Jumping into the nitty gritty before you’ve even sent a deposit is not a good first impression. If your message is too graphic I likely won’t respond to your request.

Speaking of deposits

Yup. This too is mandatory and completely non-negotiable. After I have received your booking form and *all* of the necessary screening info and we have settled on the right date and time, I’ll tell you how to send the deposit, 50% of the total tribute.

This is preferably done by EMT, but P*yPal and Wishtender are also availabe. Deposits ensure that you get the exact time and date you want. It also provides me with a bit of security so I can focus on preparing for the GOOD stuff.

Once I have received your deposit we are on! If there are any problems we can reschedule. But you do not to give me 48 hours notice for bookings in and around Toronto. Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will not be refunded. If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, you will be blocked until you have provided a cancellation fee of the remaining 50%.I know. It’s a giant bummer.

I know. I hate that these policies are necessary but that’s the world we live in these days. So try to give as much notice as possible if something comes up. Other than… you know…

What about tours?

If I am travelling to your city I’d love to get naughty! But touring is tricky and I need as much notice as possible. I will always give at least 6 weeks notice if I am planning on travelling and the hottest thing you can do is hit me up as soon as you see my ad in your town.

When it comes to deposits, well, I’m sure you can understand the rules are a little different.

Those of you who know me know I love to plan ahead. I very rarely make bookings after I have left for my tour unless I know you well but, I always offer an early birdie special. Bookings made 10 days or more before my departure date (this info will be noted in my ads and posts) get 100$ off the total tribute! I love to entice you and I love an early booking!

I will take bookings up to 24 hours before departure but, there is no refund if you cancel with less than 7 days to departure. So try not to wait until the last minute!

Finally, it’s Josie time!

So you’ve sent your booking request, you’ve gone through the screening process, provided deposit and confirmed the date and time. The day is finally here! So exciting!

While we are working out the details of our booking I’ll remind of a few things. 1, confirmation! Send a confirmation email no less than 6 hours before we are scheduled to get together. This is when you get the info you need to find my incall space if we are meeting at my downtown condo or when you can give me the info for your hotel if I’m coming to you.

Planning on an early morning romp? It’s best to confirm the night before.

Incalls: Once you’re in the area about 5-10 minutes before our date, let me know by email and I will give you the unit info and entry directions for the building.

Outcalls: I will email you 5-10 minutes before I arrive to let you know I’m close. This is when you can send your room number if you haven’t already, and I will be on my way up to you in just a few minutes. That’s it! It’s sexy time!

Let’s get it on

Remember I said don’t over share in your first message? Well, there is some info I do need ahead of time. If you let me know in your first message that you have some desires or fantasies you want to discuss I will be sure to ask for more details after we have gotten the screening, deposit, etc out of the way.

I’m a versatile lady and I love facilitate your ultimate fantasy come to life. So I do want to know! Together we can explore the very depths of your soul. We can share a casual and easy encounter, spend some time out and about enjoying some food, great conversation, and some of the many options for a day or night out in Toronto (or elsewhere).

If you have a dark side and want to take an adventure to the boundaries of your mind and body? We can do all of these things.

As a naturally Dominant lady I love to take a walk on the sark side. But I’m just as happy to be equal partners in some vanilla indulgence. When I ask, tell me a bit about what you want. Not too much. Just the necessary basics so I can come prepared. Just wait until I have asked for them. If I need more info I will let you know.

I promise. If you follow the directions in this post you will leave our encounter with some extremely sexy, satisfying, and unforgettable memories.

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