It’s the Zombie Messiah Long Weekend!

Happy long weekend

Written by Josie Ramoan

Just came to say happy zombie messiah long weekend.

However you enjoy the long weekend I hope you have a great one!

The News:

Time is running out to make a booking with your favourite temporary girlfriend. What better way to celebrate your zombie messiah than doing as the zombie messiah did,? Pay sex workers!

Make a booking before 23:59 April 1st or miss the chance. We can book whatever date works for you. The date must be confirmed with deposit by the first.

Moving Forward

After April 1st you can only make bookings for Domination sessions. Both sessions and content. You can still fine me on Niteflirt! And I will be adding more content to purchase on my website or through Niteflirt.

I’m still on Twitter! And now you can find me on Instagram too!

There will be more updates coming weeks. Stay tuned the new fetsih/kink/BDSM content I’ve been working on.

That info will be posted on my social media and to the blog.

Same old me, just a new flavour

Most of you know that I have always offered Domination/BDSM options. Some may not know that my first in-person encounters 15 years ago, were also strictly Domination. I branched out into full service in 2013 and have been doing both ever since. Offering both services has always been right for me. Lately full service has not been suiting my needs like it once did. I want my work to reflect who I am and where I am in my life, and Domination is the right direction for mw.

As I move closer to my long-term goals and eventually away from SW as a whole, I want to spend that time exploring your boundaries, desires, and darkest fantasies.

so hurry up!

Make your booking before the Zombie Messiah Long Weekend is over or miss your Temporary Girlfriend forever. Madame Josie takes over full time 00:01 April second! She’s mean